Betabel started as the dream of a young man, Errol McDowell who passed the property every week on his commute to UCSF for cancer treatment. With his love of roadside attractions, Errol proposed cleaning up this field of derelict buildings and wrecked automobiles and turning it into a classic tourist stop on Highway 101 with 100% of the profits going to pediatric cancer research.

Tragically, at the age of eighteen Errol passed away, the victim of a cruel type of brain cancer called medulloblastoma. But before he died, his parents Victoria and Rider McDowell bought the land through their charitable trust. Errol got the chance to walk the ground where his dream project might finally be built. The McDowells devoted their lives and their fortunes to a race against time, funding research into pediatric cancer in a desperate attempt to save Errol’s life.

With their son taken from them, they redoubled their efforts to find a cure for pediatric cancer so that no other family would have to face the terrible struggle they went through.


The boy who inspired the Betabel project.


Herman Garcia: An Unlikely Hero

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How to Run a Restaurant

Imagine dishes rich with fresh organic San Benito County vegetables, lots of Gilroy garlic, fried Castroville artichokes, local beef and poultry, desserts made with local fruits and chocolates, all served with wines direct from vineyards in Gilroy and Hollister. The Betabel restaurant is not planning some fast food joint [...]

Donate $1 And Cure Cancer Through Immunotherapy

Errol, Mac and Piers created Cancer-a-gogo to raise money to cure pediatric cancer. They are asking for $1 from each American ($325 million dollars) to fund the following 28 cutting-edge therapies to cure pediatric cancer today.


“Now is the time. No more kids can die…”

Our story was featured on KSBW8, discussing how the Betabel Road Project and Highway 101 in San Benito County is one step closer to reality.

Article by Lauren Seaver


Thank You For Your Support

Unbeknownst to us a group of citizens started a petition on behalf of our charity project.

They are taking a stand and making their voices known to our County Supervisors. We are so grateful to these activists for social good.

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