Things You Should Know

  1. Betabel would be built on the site of a former junkyard. 
  2. Betabel estimates it will create 75-100 full time jobs. 
  3. Betabel will generate millions in annual tax revenue for the struggling county. 
  4. Betabel will divert business to the shops, restaurants, hotels and site seeing destinations of SBC through its watering can visitors’ center. 
  5. Betabel has more than sufficient water. 
  6. Betabel is not building housing. 
  7. Betabel will cause NO increase in traffic. Business will come from existing traffic. 
  8. Betabel will cause NO construction delays. The overpass and on-and-off ramp already exist. 
  9. Betabel is not building in a flood plain, is not on sacred ground, and poses no wildlife or fire dangers. 
  10. Betabel is owned by a charity; all profits go to pediatric cancer research.