Imagine dishes rich with fresh organic San Benito County vegetables, lots of Gilroy garlic, fried Castroville artichokes, local beef and poultry, desserts made with local fruits and chocolates, all served with wines direct from vineyards in Gilroy and Hollister.

The Betabel restaurant is not planning some fast food joint which populates the state in every hamlet. We envision it as a chance to serve good, classic roadside food sourced from the community we live in here in San Benito County.

Roadside restaurants, as any tourist knows, are the key to great eating on long trips. The chance to sample real homestyle cooking based on what the local lands provide is something no savvy traveler would pass up.

The Betabel restaurant would rise to this challenge, creating menus worth going out of your way for, not just for travelers on a long drive but for the locals who commute down Highway 101 every day.

As a major agricultural area, San Benito County provides the nation with a steady supply of foods of all kinds. The richness of the area would be reflected both in the food we cook and the products we sell.

You would not find haute cuisine and you wouldn’t need to dress up. At the restaurant we envision, you’d be served good, old-time, stick-to-your-bones American comfort food that we hope will rival the best in the land.