1. WHY THIS PROJECT? Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease for children. The Betabel Road project is owned and controlled entirely by a charitable trust. ALL profits from this project, every penny, is going to fund pediatric cancer research. At present pediatric cancer research receives only 4% of every cancer research dollar. This is unconscionable, so we are doing our best to help cure this terrible family-destroying disease. Children’s Cancer Funding Group, Inc., is the business arm of the charity. Additionally the fundraising arm of the charity, , has a 501C3 designation from the IRS. 

2. WHAT IS THE BETABEL ROAD PROJECT? The currently-named ‘Betabel Road Project,’ is a beautiful, 1950 vintage road side experience, consisting of agriculture-related goods and services in a series of circa 1950 vintage barns and buildings, and located on the west side of Highway 101 at the Betabel Road exit. Its emphasis will be on highlighting local agricultural crops and foodstuffs, local crafts, fun and kid-friendly exhibits, and San Benito’s rich cultural heritage, while providing much needed services along this busy highway corridor. The entire project will be reminiscent of California in 1950.


A. Our project requires no county infrastructure, no construction delays, by utilizing the existing highway interchange exit ramp at Betabel Road and Highway 101.
B. It will raise an estimated $2 million in annual taxes for San Benito County for much needed services, improvements, local government, infrastructure and vital discretionary projects. AND it will provide dozens of jobs at all levels of income, from first jobs for high schoolers to managerial positions for local qualified people.
C. It will provide essential services along this increasingly congested highway corridor.
D. It will set the high standard of beauty and community, that will define the corridor of Highway 101 throughout San Benito County.

4. WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE? The Betabel Road project will consist of:

A. A vintage convenience store and gas station.
B. A safe, clean, 24 hour, vintage schoolhouse-style bathroom facility (and dog walking park).
C. An historic river walk/hiking trail along the historic Pajaro River.
D. A vintage drive-up restaurant featuring locally sourced foods and ice cream.
E. A San Benito County Visitor’s Center resembling an iconic watering can; introducing visitors to the County and touting the area’s rich history, from its Native American origins, to its agricultural roots; its esteemed Hollywood movie locations, local businesses, recreational opportunities and much more.
F. A large mercantile barn featuring the local crafts, produce, wine, etc., for which San Benito County is so well known AND a series of fun, family-oriented exhibits behind the barn, including a petting zoo.

5. WHAT HAVE WE DONE SO FAR? Quite a bit, and we’re proud of it!. It wasn’t our intention to blow our own horn, but while we’re setting the record straight, let us elaborate:

A. Preservation of Agricultural Open Space: We are keeping 86 of our 112 acres in agriculture, with the intention of growing much of our own organic produce on site.

B. Pajaro River Restoration/Clean Up: We have joined forces with “Coastal Habitat Education Environmental Restoration” (CHEER), and begun the clean-up of one of the country’s most beautiful rivers, the mighty Pajaro. We have assisted in removing tons of debris, trash, old tires, bottles, air conditioners, car parts, boat motors. And the massive clean-up continues.

C. Pajaro River Walk: We have designed a river walk for the community, outlying pathways, picnic areas and story boards signage which both educate and sing the praises of this beautiful historic river, so vital to our historic Native American population, as well as serving our ecological environment as a whole.

D. Removal of Urban Blight: We have single- handedly cleared away the 25 acre junk yard on our land, removing 100’s of cars, auto parts, derelict mobile homes, old RV’s, buses, trucks. We have evicted the people maintaining illegal businesses on the site, including a large marijuana and drug farm.

E. Building Removal: We demolished four huge, unsightly buildings on our property, an eyesore along Highway 101, and the world’s previous introduction to San Benito County. Where there once were huge, unsightly buildings, there is now beautiful land inviting visitors to San Benito County.