The most mysterious building in the Betabel project is a giant watering can, a perfect example of American vernacular architecture. While from the outside it might not look like more than a curiosity, inside it holds the key to local businesses and tourism in San Benito County.

Millions of people drive down Highway 101 every year without having any idea as to what lies just off the main roadway. The Betabel Project wants to showcase their love of these local places with a dedicated visitor center that will highlight the businesses, attractions, and scenic areas of San Benito County.

Here visitors will be able to learn more about the cities of Hollister, Aromas, and San Juan Bautista. They will have a chance to learn more about the history of this area, from the early native cultures to the Spanish missionaries to the Mexican governorship to its part In the formation of the state of California.

First and foremost will be the city closed in distance (and the city closest to our hearts), San Juan Bautista. This vintage town with its array of shops and restaurants will be highlighted. SJB is home to the largest of the California Missions, one of the only remaining Spanish Plazas in California, dozens of historic buildings including an old saloon, the first American owned hotel in California, a stable featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” and a rich tradition of Native American life, San Juan Bautista lives up to the name “City of History.” Next up, Hollister, another early California settlement with a rich history and “old town” with exciting local businesses. Famed for serving as the location of Marlon Brando’s film, The Wild One, Hollister is also one of the gateways to the newly created Pinnacles National Park and tourists will be able to get information about our portal to this incredible natural wonder.

San Benito County is also home to incredible local products using our local fruits and produce, important artists, unique independent businesses, and yearly events like our rodeos, parades, craft and antique fairs, BBQ competitions, and the unique San Juan Bautista Chicken Festival.

We are actively reaching out to the community in an effort to be their hub of information to travelers on Highway 101. We will also have the same information available on our website so that people planning a visit to the Betabel project can better learn about the variety of things our area has to offer.